Standing On The Promises

For this series, we will choose seven of the most foundational promises... and take a close look at them. These are seven promises that believers can not only claim, they are promises you can build your life on.

Discover A Brand New You

When it comes to New Years, many of us make resolutions. We desire to turn over a new leaf, or turn the page on some bad habits. We want a makeover, we want to become a brand new person. There is nothing wrong with these desires… actually they reflect exactly what God desires for us also. Today we are going to begin a new series called “Discover a Brand New You.”

Behold: How Christmas Can Light Up Your Life.

This Advent season, our series is called "Behold: How Christmas Can Light Up Your Life." We'll be looking at ways we can approach the Christmas season with a new sense of wonder and appreciation and fascination and determination.

Finding Freedom

There are times in our lives when we feel stuck and unable to move forward in our lives. I would suggest that your situation is not permanent. God has a plan for your redemption. This five part series focuses on the Biblical steps involved in experiencing freedom from the past, from fear and emotional bondage, from the need for approval and the temptation to quit.

How Can I Be Good

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I be good?” Today we are beginning a 3 week series to answer that question. Paul in the book of Romans will be our guide.

Getting Centred

In this series we will look at the centre chapter of the Bible, Psalm 118 to discover what it means to be in the centre of God's presence.


Jesus desires that we live life to the fullest, that we seek to live our lives in the victory that is our inheritance as his disciples. So for the next 6 weeks we are going to take a quick trip through the book of Galatians, and look at what Paul had to say to the Galatians that will help us and encourage us to live life more victoriously.

Jesus Up Close And Personal

Over the next six weeks we will be taking a fresh look at who Jesus is according to the Scriptures. This series will take us to Easter

In Courage

Over the next eight weeks we will look at 1 Peter. Peter wrote this book for people who were facing some very harsh persecution, which many of us have never had to face in our western culture, because we live in relative peace and comfort.

The Business of Living

This series is all about stewardship. When we talk about stewardship, many people say, the church is asking for more money. Stewardship is about much more than giving money to the work of ministry. Stewardship is all about managing. That's what a

Hanging Tough Through Hard Times

The Master's Plan Of Evangelism


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